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Vision problems like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia are common problems of many people regardless of their age. Acibadem University, Head of Eye Diseases Department, stated that they can get rid of contact lenses at the same time in 15 minutes. Dr. Banu Coşar, bir It is possible to destroy vision defects in a single operation with laser without using a knife. The laser is undoubtedly the most reliable method, with many years of experience and the possibilities of advanced technologies.


Dr. Femto-Lasik that laser eye treatment in addition to distant and near vision defects, as well as the problems of astigmatism and presbyopia is expressed. Dr. Banu Cosar, from the age of 18 said that this treatment can be applied. Professor Coşar, ğu In the last year, the number of eyes remain fixed, myopia 10, hypermetropia and astigmatism up to the number of eyes with up to 6 can be treated with this method. In addition, the cornea map (topography) is normal and corneal thickness is sufficient for those who can apply vu treatment smoothly.


He underlined that some preliminary examinations should be performed in order to perform laser surgery in eye problems. Dr. Banu Cosar, pregnant and lactating women, diabetes, under control, people with rheumatism (collagen tissue) diseases, AIDS patients, keratoconus patients (corneal thin and pointed), serious dry eyes and cataract patients do not apply this method, he said.


He noted that it is very important to evaluate the eye carefully with advanced test instruments and to determine if the eye is suitable for laser. Dr. Banu Coşar, numar The first computerized eye number measurement is made.

The level of visual acuity and glasses is measured, the eye numbers are confirmed. Corneal topography (corneal map examination) and corneal thickness measurement (pachymetry) are taken after microscopic examination of the eye (biomicroscopy).

After these procedures, wavefront analysis is applied to determine the amount of defects which are called wave aberration analiz and which impair vision quality. Measurement of intraocular pressure, measuring the width of the pupil and expanding the pupil examines the retinal (nerve) layer of the eye tests are terminated, ın he said.



Operation success is close to one hundred percent. Dr. Banu Coşar, bir 90-95 of every 100 people can see without any glasses, 5-10 of them may need to wear thin glasses. This ratio varies according to the type of eye disorder, the numbers and the structure of the eye.

After half an hour after the operation, the patients were discharged. Dr. Banu Coşar, ara We only provide the patients with protective glasses. We are achieving full success with personal eye care and regular use of medications. After the laser numbers are fixed within 3 months and after that they do not change.

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